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VoxelVisions was established at the end of 2021, from scraped-together pennies and a collection of old design projects. The material produced and depicted is original creative work and all intellectual property rights belong to the studio. No third-party commercial use is allowed, unless those parties are listed here.






Although our content is not aimed towards very young children (it requires some literacy, comprehension and operation of controls), we consider our work safe for the family. "Grown up" themes can be handled without being explicit and graphic. Our intended audience is anybody 12 - 120 years old inclusive.


We don't want your personal information, we don't collect your private data, so we don't have anything sensitive to share. We intend no harm and we're pro-active about it. We treat you as we want to be treated, so everything is as honest, robust and safe as we can reasonably make it.


This site is hand-crafted and contains no external pollutants (like adverts or spyware). Everything is bespoke and created with care. Only your IP address and browser information are recorded because we literally cannot avoid it.


With all that in mind, we're only human and technology often malfunctions. You visit this site at your own risk. We (the studio and our server hosts) accept no liability and your continued access to our server signifies that you agree, taking full responsibility for any outcome caused as a result of your visit.




We embark with a clear policy, both for the content we produce and for adding team members in future. As a studio, we want to support and empower women, the LGBTQIA+ communities, anyone with natural melanin and the differently abled, whether mentally or physically. Straight white guys too. You're fine. Only character and actions matter. Where there is toxicity, we hope to be a droplet of the remedy.

We would feel blessed to provide opportunities but at this time there is no budget, so only voluntary positions are available.




Silence is golden. The studio has no public mailbox and no alerts. Social media is only accessed periodically, via a browser, as needed. This helps to generate a zen atmosphere, which aids creativity.


If you *genuinely* need to get in touch, you can use the social channels listed on the homepage. Please don't try advertising/promoting anything. We'll shun your product/service on principle!






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